Wizard – General settings

Wizard – General settings

This Wizard helps you with most of the required settings

Why this Wizard?

This Wizard helps you with most of the required settings to adjust Chatbrain for your Brand and your niche. You’ll be able to launch this Wizard again and change the needed settings at any time.

To launch the Wizard in the App dashboard again please select in the Top menu the Wizard item


Scenario Editor instead of Wizard

Additionally, when you get more experienced, you can modify and improve the complete Chatbot scenario using Visual Editor and Expert Mode.

Chatbrain Visual Editor


Upload the logo of your store to support your brand. You can always reset the logo or update it with another one.

Bot’s name

To start working with your Chatbrain bot you the Name of this bot, which is prefilled in the field. You can always rename it here whenever you’d like later.

We recommend to name it regarding your Shopify store. Your customers don’t see this name. But it is convenient for you when you switch between your bots in the Dashboard. You can use as many bots as many Shopify stores you have

Shopify Connection

Here you can see the ID of your Shopify store.

Facebook Connection

Here you can choose one of your business Facebook Pages where this bot should be working. This setting requires authorization to your Facebook account.

Instagram Connection

Please, connect here your Instagram account that should be connected to your Facebook business page.

Chatbrain General Settings

Facebook Authentication

You certainly should be asked the Facebook Authorization in the popup window to be able to connect any of your existing Facebook pages.

Of course, your Facebook business page must be prepared preliminary. If it doesn’t exist yet, please learn more How to create a Facebook page.

Click here the “Edit settings” button to allow or disallow your pages to connect to the bot.

Allow Pop-ups

Please, be sure that pop-up windows are not locked in your browser

Allow your page in the Settings

Select in the list which page you connect now to the Chatbot.

You can select multiple pages