Wizard – Sales Dialogs

Wizard – Sales Dialogs

Add or Edit messages that the bot will send to the clients to promote and/or sale your goods.

How to set up Sales Dialogs

These Sales Dialogs prepared to engage interested potential clients and convert them to buyers.

The general idea is to send them messages as a react to their actions.

During this process, Chatbrain measures and collects the mood of people and their Happy-To-Buy index. So with a help of Artificial Intelligence (AI), it leads them by the Funnel or it can switch dialog to alive person.

Please check all the prepopulated Sales dialogs and correct them for your Company name, location, and your niche.

Leave it simple first and try to check how it works for your customers. Then you understand it more. And you are always available to improve these dialogs.

You could insert more and more steps.

Or you can make the whole scenario more complicated depends on what you need.


Use Variables in Dialogs

As you can see, the existing messages contain already different Variables.

Some of those Variables you’ve already set up on the previous Wizard step

And you can use also many internal bot variables. You can see them on the right sidebar. It is enough to click on any variable there and it will be copied to the clipboard.

Don’t forget to save your changes with the “Continue” button


Check and Complete All Dialogue Messages

All messages in the sales dialogue must be completed. Alternatively, you can delete unnecessary ones.