How to connect my Instagram to Chatbrain?

How to connect my Instagram to Chatbrain?

I saw different examples where Chatbrain has already applied. But I worry if it suitable with my specific

See this 2 min video or the complete instruction below

Wizard Page

Choose the “Wizard” item in the top menu, please.

Then click on Instagram – Select page


Facebook Authorization

You’ll get the Facebook authorizing popup window.

Please, log in here


Allow your Instagram account



Check the page

Then you’ll see all your Facebook business pages.

Please, check here your page with a connected Instagram account. You can select many pages on this step. To choose later one of them.

If your Facebook page is not connected to Instagram yet – see how to do it easily


Select your page

After the authorizing, you’ll be able to select the required page in the dropdown.

Click Continue to save the result


You can remove this connection

Later you can remove this Instagram connection at any time.

Just visit this Wizard again and press the “Remove Connection” button


The alternative way to connect Instagram

Use menu Settings

When you are on the dashboard page, please click “Settings” in the left bottom corner


Settings – Connection

Choose the “Connections” menu item


Choose Instagram

Here you can see all possible connections.

Active connections are more bright here.

And inactive connections are more light.


Follow to the popup steps

In this new popup click please “Connect Facebook Page”


Facebook Authorization

You’ll see the popup authorization window again


Choose a page

Choose your Facebook page that has an Instagram connection.



Instagram is connected

Now your Instagram connection has also bright colors. And it is connected.

So you can test how it works. Learn how to test your Instagram bot