How to customize Chatbot for better results?

How to customize Chatbot for better results?

I saw different examples where Chatbrain has already applied. But I worry if it suitable with my specific

Change Variables

Basically, you install the Chatbrain bot with demo data as a clone of our successful project.

So in most cases, it is enough to change your company name, location, and other settings.

You can do it in the Setup Wizard – Step2 Default Variables


Try in real

Then you can start already and try how it works on your connected Facebook page or Instagram account.

You can imagine like you are the potential buyer of your store.

Then you’ll understand if the Sales Dialog is relevant for your niche/industry


Adjust Sales Dialogs

Please change the general Sales Dialog regarding your niche. Set up Wizard step 3.

You can insert more steps if you see it reasonable.


Correct the Default Replies

Edit the default replies for your niche

You can insert more synonyms. 


Visual Scenario Editor

And when you feel it is not enough for you, then you can modify the complete scenario using Visual Editor and Expert Mode 

Chatbrain Visual Editor