How to test Chatbrain on my Instagram?

How to test Chatbrain on my Instagram?

My Instagram account is connected. How to test if Chatbrain works properly?

Open your Instagram page

Since your Instagram account is connected to the Chatbrain we can test it.

I use @test_chatbrain2 for this demo.

You can open Instagram as a different external user. That is why I use a different browser or Incognito mode.

Doesn’t matter mobile or descktop

Search your Instagram page

Follow this page

To send a message you have to follow first


Send message

Then you can click the “Message” button

Send Instagram Message

Type something and send

You can type “hi” or “hello” or something different.

When the bot is working properly you’ll see the reply in a few seconds.

And what to do if your bot doesn’t work and you haven’t this reply? Ok, Learn more here

Testing bot answer